The AirPurgeTM System:
An Innovative Detection &
Automatic Removal of
Air Bubbles in
Intra-Venous (IV) lines.

“Your AirPurge system has given us great confidence in our ability to safely deliver
medications and fluids to our children.

It has largely eliminated the threat of air bubble IV line contamination for our patients.
We deem it to be a major advance in patients safety and we find it easy to set up and use.”

Rick Bushnell, MD, MBA, Shriners Hospital for Children, Los Angeles.


About Us

Anesthesia Safety Products (ASP) designs and manufactures compact Fluid Management Devices used primarily in the hospital Operating Room (OR) and Post- Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Quality, reliability and versatility are of the utmost importance as we believe these devices will help improve patient outcomes and allow clinicians to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

The initial "star" product of the company is the AirPurge™ System, the first and only stand-alone device available that automatically traps and disposes of AIR BUBBLES in intravenous (I.V.) lines. It is a compact, closed loop, stand-alone system that is easy to install and operate.

Under development are additional devices that will complement the AirPurge™ System to further simplify fluid management in hospitals.

  • The ASP1™ Fluid Warming System: It will incorporate features/benefits that are not yet available from other companies.

  • The ASP2™ Fluid Warmer and Air Bubble Removal System: A compact device that is easily mounted on an IV pole to offer dual-function benefits.

Each of these devices utilize a single use cartridge component that is easily installed and removed.

ASP has 4 Issued Patents plus others filed and pending. 



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